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Supported Living Services

We believe that people with neurological conditions, learning disabilities, mental health and other complex needs, have the right to be supported to achieve their individual goals and objectives in order to live their life to the fullest potential. All our services are home like and community based to support social inclusion and support individuals to access local facilities. We strive to provide the highest standard of individual care and support. We encourage individuals to have an independent and active life while respecting personal choices and wishes.

Our History

The reason behind opening Tutelacare was an urge to share 15 years of experience, knowledge and innovative approach to health and social care. Our personal experience were drive to undertake professional path

The Importance of Quick Responders

Health emergencies can be fatal – even if the injury or problem itself is not. Many lives have been lost due to accidents, heart attacks, continued bleeding and the like. Nothing hurts more than losing someone to preventable circumstances, which is why we invest so heavily into timely, decisive response and treatment. To do otherwise would be to ignore our calling to humanity, and is part of the reason we have been recognised as one of the best care services in the area.


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